The Trust was formed in 2009 as an independent charitable trust for the purpose of promoting and facilitating the New Plymouth District Council’s Art in Public Places Strategy.

As a charitable trust it is able to raise funds and accept donations, with a key task being to attract third party funding that will reduce costs of public art works to ratepayers.

The focus of the trust is on facilitation of major public art works for the whole of the New Plymouth District.

In the strategy formulated by  Council “Public Art” is defined as any creative work located in a public place owned or administered by the New Plymouth District Council, and freely accessible to the public. “Public Art” does not include memorials, which are administered under a different Council policy.

When established the Art In Public Places Trust (The Trust) was given just under $311,000 in seed capital, that sum being the balance of funds accumulated for Council’s  Art in Public Places Policy which was superseded by the current strategy. In addition the Trust will receive a further $50,000 annually from Council, this amount having been previously budgeted for procuring substantial public art works.

Trustees, who are not paid, are appointed by Council or the Trust  with consideration being given to their ability to promote and deliver outcomes for the Art in Public Places Strategy through their business and/or professional expertise. They and the operation of the Trust are governed by a Trust Deed outlining their powers and responsibilities.

The Trust works within Council guidelines for the placement of art works on council land and must give consideration to quality and strategically sited works that will compliment and reinforce design themes of the proposed locations.

Detailed proposals by the Trust for Council’s endorsement include capital and ongoing operational costs of the art work and how it will be funded; how the work will be installed; how the work integrates with the site; any regulatory or compliance issues.

When required the Council will undertake public consultation to comply with reserve management plans and policies. When necessary the Trustees will seek professional advice, including that of art professionals, on the suitability of proposed art works, and will also consider community views in their decision making process.

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