As the Trust is a registered charity, donations made to it attract the following tax benefits:


For every $1 that an individual donates to the Trust, the donor is entitled to claim a donation
rebate of 33.3 cents in the dollar. The maximum donation for which a donation
rebate can be claimed is an amount no greater than the individual’s taxable income.


A company can make a donation to a charitable trust. The donation will be tax deductible,
to the extent that the company has taxable income for the year.


Trusts that make donations are not entitled to a tax deduction or a donation tax rebate.


Any business can make a sponsorship payment to the trust, provided the sponsor receives
something in return, such as naming rights. A tax invoice will be provided to the sponsor,
and GST input tax can be claimed on the payment made as long as the sponsor is GST registered.

Payment details

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